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Type your flavors below. 4 FLAVORS PER DOZEN. If more than 4 flavors are chosen per dozen, the first 4 flavors you choose is what you’ll receive. Do not include specialty flavors. Only choose from what’s listed. 

*Disclaimer: If you choose a specialty flavor, it will be disregarded and you will only receive the original flavors that you chose. NO EXTRA DISCOUNTS CAN BE USED! 

choose up to 4 flavors PER DOZEN:

  • snickerdoodles
  • brookie (Just Added)
  • Oreo Funfetti (just added)
  • peanut butter fudge (Just added)
  • Sugar with pecans (just added)
  • double fudge walnut
  • plain brown sugar cookie 
  • chocolate chip stuffed oreo 
  • glazed donut 
  • double fudge
  • m&m 
  • reeses 
  • reD VelvEt
  • reD velvet oreo
  • cookies and Cream
  • cake and ice cream
  • choCOlate chip pecan 
  • chocolate chip walnut  
  • birThday remix 
  • chocolate chip 
  • oatmeal raisin
  • mAcadamIa nut


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